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Extensive Capabilities

Aero-Tech Engineering has the ability to precision machine aluminum, steels, such as stainless steel, and exotic metals, such as Inconel and titanium. Parts we manufacture range in size from millimeters to dozens of feet in length. Our machining capabilities are unparalleled in scale, efficiency and diversity! 

  • Milling

    Aero-Tech Engineering offers precision milling operations on parts ranging from the size of a dime up to 600-inches, including monolithic parts. Our team utilizes 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers.

  • Precision Turning

    We believe our continued growth is attributed in part to our willingness to meet our customers’ needs and answer their calls for greater capabilities. This has resulted in the expansion of our CNC turning department to include lathes that accommodate parts that are up to 10.3 inches in diameter and up to 144 inches in bar-feeder length.

  • Precision Mill-Turning

    Our continuous improvement journey has resulted in the addition of mill-turn capabilities. A Swiss Style Lathe with 120-inch in bar-feeder length allows us to hold tolerances of .0005 on small mill turned parts. The addition of our Mori-Seki NLX-2500SY has allowed us the ability to reduce the number of setups and operations for complex parts and the amount of tooling required, thereby allowing us to offer greater value-added services to our customers at reduced costs.

  • Honing

    More than a decade ago, Aero-Tech Engineering acquired a precision honing company with more than 30 years of experience. That acquisition increased our honing capabilities to include a range of .060-inch to 10-inch inside diameters and up to 25-inch stroke while routinely holding tolerances at .0001 with a 4 micro finish.

  • Forming

    Aero-Tech Engineering currently provides a plethora of formed parts ranging in complexity from simple flat patterns and right-angle bends to complex formed parts with tight toleranced features usually found only on machined parts. Our capabilities include hydro press, roll form, standard and CNC brake presses, punch presses as well as a variety of conventional equipment to support secondary operations.

  • Flat Pattern

    At Aero-Tech Engineering, our CNC waterjet, CNC routers and multiple punch presses provide our company and customers with a competitive advantage in regard to flat pattern creation.

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Impressive Equipment

Aero-Tech Engineering houses a complete suite of some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, which ensures optimum efficiency and on-time, quality delivery. Featured equipment includes a FIDIA High-Speed 5-Axis Gantry, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), portable ROMER Arms, two SNK FSP-120V 5 Axis Horizontals and water jets (60,000 and 90,000 PSI).

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Uncompromising Quality

Within the aviation industries Aero-Tech Engineering serves, we understand that quality can never be compromised. Therefore, we remain committed to maintaining our qualifications and producing the highest quality product every time.

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