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Job Description

  1. Setting up cutters for upcoming work at the various machines.
  2. Pulling fixtures that maybe required for the work on various machines.
  3. Reducing the shank on cutters with the tool grinder when needed.
  4. Cutting off the shanks of tools when needed, utilizing the tool grinder.
  5. Ordering replacement cutters as needed.
  6. Identifying holders that are worn and no longer usable and getting quotes for replacements.
  7. Filing and organizing the setup books in the appropriate filing cabinets.
  8. Restocking the utilized fixtures in the correct place when they are returned from the shop.
  9. Communicating with supply chain when you are running low items in the crib.
    • Safety glasses, gloves, rags, cleaning supplies etc.
  10. Notify the immediate supervisor of any defective or malfunctioning materials or equipment.
  11. Supporting general operations of the shop. If necessary, assist other workers.
  12. Do any other task assigned by the immediate supervisor.
  13. Work in a safe manner.

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